Second edition (2018)

First edition (2013)

  • 27.1.2017, Sandi Klavžar had a talk about the Tower of Hanoi in the frame of I<3 MAT series of lectures
  • 1.7.2015, the book is now available also in paperback version and for a rent
  • 2.5.2015, errors pointed out by Andreas M. Hinz in a letter to Spektrum der Wissenschaft, German edition of Scientific American
  • 14.8.2014, Andreas M. Hinz visited Springer booth at International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul, showing his book to Japan Springer editors Chino Hasebe and Masayuki Nakamura, 14th August 2014 (twitter, fb,
  • 1.4.2013, Newly published observations of the space observatory Planck of the European Space Agency (ESA) revealed a recent state $s=0^5 1^2 0^5 2^2 0^{50}$ of the Tower of Brahma in Benares on its way from $0^{64}$ to $2^{64}$. This finding has brought us a little nearer to the end of the world; cf. Exercise 2.8.